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Face fucked best friend


Three of them danced for a while he was getting really cozy with them and touching their arms and legs and face in a very sensuous way. After 2-3 minutes of kissing he started fucking my mom again, this time standing up while my moms entire weight was on him and i just loved the sight because this happens to be my favorite sex position too and it was really arousing. I must confess hes a pathetic dancer but the fact that he was taking his clothes off with every move was turning the ladies on and they too were getting the hang.

He said come on aunty it will be fun, it happens in the society and people are very open-minded about it and i am your sons best friend i promise nothing that happens here today will go out of the house he started pleading. He said i just want to fuck those 3 hot bitches sitting in the living room! I had a hard the entire time and i was enjoying it so much that i didnt want it to end and i was still finding it hard to believe that i just witnessed my mom, sister and masi get fucked by my best friend.

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